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What is the difference in performance between dry and squeezed folded water bags?

The compound method of folding water bag:1.High temperature resistance, the resin used in extrusion has no high temperature resistance, and cannot be used for high temperature cooking or boiling treatment that requires high temperature resistance. 2.Stiffness, dry replica coated on substrate2~4g/㎡ (solid content) becomes stronger after the adhesive is cured. When the composition stiffness is required, the dry processing method can be selected. 3.Softness, when a soft hand feel is required, the extrusion processing method is more suitable. 4.Solvent residue, dry reprocessing requires sufficient drying, but some high-end packaging applications may have problems with solvent residue. Similar to these uses, the extrusion processing method can be selected. 5.Extrusion processing existsPEThe smell of decomposition. 6.The cost of the extrusion processing method is lower, so if both methods can be used, the extrusion processing method is used.The above is the composite method of folding water bags, if there is any problem, our customer service! !

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