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What is the effect of back pressure retort sterilization on bag breakage?

After the heat preservation and pressure preservation, it is necessary to carry out back pressure cooling. If this step is not mastered well, it may lead to the explosion of the cooking bag, and the adverse consequences of leakage must be fully paid attention to. The first is to slowly open the valve of the intake pipe, so that the pressure in the pot is 0.01-0.02MPa higher than the original, and then open the high-pressure cold water inlet valve to spray the cold water into the pot. At this time, the pressure of the pot will drop suddenly. If If the drop is too large and there is no high-pressure air back pressure, it may cause explosion and leakage because the pressure inside the bag is higher than the pressure outside the bag. YLTpacking packaging high temperature cooking bags, manufacturers, customized packaging bags, !

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