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What is the fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping packaging technology of food packaging bags?

Food packaging bag fruit thinning and fresh-keeping packaging technology refers to the characteristics of fruits and vegetables, making full use of the characteristics of various packaging materials such as gas resistance, moisture resistance, heat insulation, cold preservation, shockproof buffer, antibacterial, antibacterial and other characteristics. Packaging, creating a good environmental condition in the packaging (temperature, relative temperature, gas composition, shock resistance and pressure resistance, sterility, etc.), reducing the respiration of fruits and vegetables and maintaining the minimum temperature required for their life activities, reducing evaporation, preventing microorganisms Infection and mechanical damage, so that fruits and vegetables maintain good food quality and nutritional value for a long time. Commonly used materials for food packaging bags are:PE,PVC,PP,PS,PVDC,PET,PE,NY/PEWait.

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