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What is the function of fully biodegradable shopping bags?

Air pollution may be serious these days, soThe guys have developed aDissolving plastic bags, that is, they can split in an instant when they touch certain items, and are not prone to any environmental pollution. At present, it has been gradually applied in the market. If we really do not understand, then let me tell you what the full bio-dissolving packaging bag does. ?Although the performance of today’s biodegradable plastic bags cannot meet all our requirements, although there are already various types in the sales market, the irreversibility and production and processing performance of each raw material can only be highlighted. characteristics of a certain level. However, equipment like this can also accelerate the manufacture and industrial development of degradable plastic bags, and overseas development of such new products is very early. And China has only gradually started to develop products at this stage, so it is normal to meet technical requirements, but I firmly believe that Chinese companies can improve the development and design of these aspects in the future.At present, the strength of aluminum products processing in China may be very lacking. Most companies put the key immediately on the generation of raw materials. Therefore,It is very likely that these aspects of the development design will be overlooked. Kitchen utensils made of some biodegradable plastics are likely to be very different from some traditional plastic products after being heated and exposed to water, but this is just enough to enable biodegradable plastic bags to be widely used.The lack of continuous improvement of supporting facilities for recycling solutions is also likely to hinder the promotion of products. Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear grasp of the dissolved plastics and then carry out recycling. The available collection can later beRemanufactured into some production and processed products. For those that cannot be used, it can be solved after consideration. For some degradable plastic bags made from traditional plastics and tapioca starch, thermal kinetic energy can be used at the same time. The solution is realized in the form of recycling.

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