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What is the production process of cold sealant packaging materials?

The production process of cold seal packaging materials is as follows: 1, The production of cold seal plastic packaging adopts the method of gravure coating.In actual production, the front side of the substrate is coated with a release agent after the pattern is printed, and the back side of the substrate is coated with a certain shape of cold sealant and strictly corresponds to the pattern on the front side. The registration accuracy of general cold sealant coating is≤±2mm,And the tape used in the finished joint should have no adhesion to the cold sealant. 2, The reverse side of the cold-sealing glue is coated on the substrate, and the gluing unit needs a reversing device to achieve this function.Generally, there are two coating processes for cold sealant: one is in-line coating on the printing machine, that is, the substrate→table print→coating release agent→reverse→Apply cold sealant→Rewinding; the other is to composite the printed substrate and then apply cold sealant, that is, the substrate→Riyin→complex→coating release agent→reverse→Apply cold sealant.Under normal circumstances, the former process is easier to operate, and the color registration of cold sealant is relatively difficult. 3, Because the cold sealant is a water-soluble adhesive, and the speed of water is much lower than that of organic solvents, it is relatively difficult to register the color of the cold sealant. 4, The rolled film must be hung on the shelf, not flat on the ground, on the shovel, or stacked vertically to prevent back sticking. The finished roll is best to use blackPEThe film or aluminized film is wrapped well, which has achieved the purpose of avoiding light and dust.

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