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What is the real aluminum foil packaging bag?

would like to remind consumers in advance that aluminum foil packaging bags and aluminized film bags are not the same packaging product, and I hope not to confuse them. Aluminum-plastic composite bag is a kind of packaging product that combines various packaging advantages, with low cost and exquisite printing. strong sexual characteristics. Types of aluminum-plastic composite bags: 1. According to the material structure, it can be divided into: pure aluminum composite bags, aluminized composite bags (including paper-aluminum composite bags) pure aluminum composite bags: opp/al/pe; pet/al/pe, etc. . Aluminized composite bags: petmpet/pe; vmpetp, etc. 2. According to the function, it can be divided into: anti-static shielding electronic product packaging bag, anti-ultraviolet daily chemical product packaging bag, etc. 3. According to the process structure, it can be divided into: two-layer composite, three-layer composite and four-layer composite, and the material structure can be combined according to customer requirements. Two-layer composite: opp mpet; vmpet/pe, etc., (the above structures are often used in toy packaging); opp mcpp, etc., (commonly used in biscuit packaging); three-layer composite: matopp mpet/pe; opp mpet/pe, etc., (commonly used For facial mask bags); pet mpet/pe, etc., (commonly used in shampoo bags) four-layer composite: pet/ny mpet/pe, etc., nylon film is generally added to increase the softness of the composite bag. 4. According to the bag type, it can be divided into: three-side sealing; self-supporting bag; self-supporting nozzle bag; special-shaped self-supporting bag, bag-in-box, special packaging bag, etc. Product features of aluminum-plastic composite bag: high flatness, bright printing color, can be equipped with zipper, partial matte, bronzing and other special processes. Unique design, new printing process, prominent pattern design and trademark effect, can design special trademark or pattern, play a good anti-counterfeiting effect. It can highlight the high-grade and distinctive shelf effect of the product. The featu products of aluminum-plastic composite bags are: vacuum aluminum foil bags, yin and yang aluminum foil bags, electrostatic shielding bags, grid electrostatic bags, anti-vibration electrostatic bags, electrostatic aluminum-plated bags and various daily chemical and industrial labels; used in industrial packaging, daily Chemical packaging, food packaging, medicine, hygiene, electronics, aerospace, science and technology, military and other fields. food bags, food packaging bags

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