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What is the reason for the adhesion of plastic packaging film?

There are two main reasons for the adhesion problem of plastic packaging film: one is that the film is in a vacuum tight state after the film is closed, and it is not easy to separate; the other is that there are a large number of exposed molecular chains on the surface of the packaging film after it is formed. After the packaging film is closed, the macromolecular chains are entangled with each other, making it impossible to open. In fact, there are two reasons for the difficulty in opening the packaging film, and the latter is the main reason. The early inorganic opening agent used the unevenness on the surface of the packaging film to reduce the negative pressure between the films and make it share; the later organic opening agent formed a layer of lubricating film on the surface of the packaging film to reduce the friction coefficient of the packaging film, so that it does not work. stick to each other. Both also hinder the entanglement between molecular chains.

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