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What is the reason for the long cycle of packaging bag customization

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s consumption choices are more and more inclined to a sense of fashion, class, and novelty. Therefore, manufacturers’ investment in packaging has gradually increased, especially for fast-moving consumer products. more and more frequently. Compared with ordinary public bags, the bag type, material, size, thickness, and printing of customized packaging bags can be adjusted according to the needs of customers. They are not fixed like public bags. There is no way to change it (including printing), but the most troublesome thing is that the customization cycle of the packaging bag is very long, this is because… Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags 1. Early communication (price) Packaging bags are customized The price is based on the size, material, thickness, bag type, process and printing content to calculate the bag cost and the printing fee. Changing any of these parameters will require recalculation of the price. If the size of the bag is not confirmed, the price can be calculated after the sample bag is sent for trial installation. The required time (1~2 days) 2. Confirm the level of the printing layout fee, which is related to the color matching of the printing layout. To help customers save on publishing fees, we firstly typeset the source files, and in the process, we will give customers some suggestions and make adjustments. The time required is about (1~2 days) 3. The production process consists of customized version, material ordering, printing, compounding, curing, bag making, quality inspection, etc. The time required is about 15 days. If the requirements are changed during the confirmation period, the time will be longer, but it is precisely because every link of the customized product is a combination of ideas and experience, and it is carefully crafted, which will make people like and prohibitive. ps: Here I will tell you why the public version of the packaging bag cannot be changed to printing. The packaging bags that are currently circulating in the market, such as food packaging bags, rice packaging bags, facial mask packaging bags, etc., are all composite packaging bags, and the printing used is The gravure is printed on the inside (surface), and a layer of bright film or dumb film is compounded on the outside, so secondary processing printing is not possible.

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