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What is the reason for the loss of vacuum in vacuum packaging?

What is the reason for the loss of vacuum degree of vacuum packaging bags? 1, the barrier properties of the material. E.g,OPP/PEStructured packaging, after vacuuming2The weekly vacuum degree will be significantly reduced, so the material of the vacuum packaging bag must have a certain gas barrier property. 2, Sealing air tightness. If there are small incompletely sealed cracks on the sealing edge, air will enter the vacuum bag through these cracks and cause a loss of vacuum. For example, when the pillow-shaped package is sealed at the junction of the second layer and the fourth layer of the horizontal seal, the inner layer material is contaminated by the content (such as grease, powder, etc.) or the wrinkles on the sealing edge will cause poor sealing. 3,mechanical injury. a.Pierced by contents, such as vacuum-packed bones, fried peanuts and other objects with sharp edges and corners; b.Foreign object damage, such as being punctured by the edges and corners of adjacent packaging bags, the crystal point on the material destroys the barrier layer, and the edge burr of the sealing knife mold damages the packaging material, etc.; c.The flex resistance of the material is poor, and the barrier property is greatly reduced in the packaging circulation. 4Another possibility is that the vacuum degree is reduced due to the gas generated by the fermentation (anaerobic respiration) of the content. Of course, this can be confirmed by re-installing the vacuum packaging bag with other boron-free vacuum.

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