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What is the reason for the lower tear strength of blown film?

Regarding the reasons for the low tear strength of blown films, today Xiaobian will lead you to understand the reasons.The performance of the film produced by the blown film method is not only related to the raw resin, but also closely related to the specific process conditions of the blown film. 1, Frost line. When blowing the film, if the frost line (outside the melting temperature of the film bubble of the blowing film) is below before the blowing, the blowing is carried out in a solid state, and the performance of the blown film is close to that of the biaxially stretched oriented film. The secondary tear strength of the film is very poor, and it will split when it is torn. 2If the traction ratio is too large when blowing the film, the longitudinal stretching is too large, and the film is stretched in the longitudinal direction. Although the longitudinal tensile strength is large, this unidirectional stretching will form the fibrillation of the film, and the strength in the stretching direction will be high. The transverse tear strength perpendicular to it is very low, and it is easy to split under a small force to form a fiber.The above two reasons are the reasons for the lower tear strength of blown film.

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