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What is the right size of the food bag

Many customers who customize packaging bags will encounter size problems when they make packaging bags for the first time. How do we determine the size of the packaging bags, and what size ratio is better? The confirmation of this size actually has a certain basis. The editor found some good-looking bags we have made. After calculating their size, I found an interesting problem, that is, the size ratio of length and width is between 0.6 and 0.7. . There is a value called the “golden ratio” of 0.618 in between. This value has applications in many fields, such as painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, music, etc. Because he has a certain aesthetic value in plastic arts, in the length and width design of arts and crafts and daily necessities, the use of this ratio can arouse people’s sense of beauty, and it is also widely used in real life. Most doors and windows in buildings The ratio of length to width is also 0.618…. On some diameters, the angle between two adjacent petioles is 1:0.618 compared to the circumference. According to research, this angle is the best for plant ventilation and lighting. For example, the main screen of some paintings and photography works is at 0.618. The 16:10 display is the embodiment of industrial design. Businesses have been claiming that 16:9 is the golden ratio screen. In fact, it is closer to 16:10 after calculation. . It can be seen that the value of the golden ratio of 0.618 is widely used in various fields, and the packaging industry is no exception. Most of the good-looking bags made have a length-to-width ratio between 0.6 and 0.7. This ratio just covers 0.618…, so what? Isn’t it 0.618? Because there are now sealed zippers and edge seals on food bags, there is a certain size deviation during production and use, so more space should be reserved to increase fault tolerance. For this reason, we can determine the general range of food bag sizes. Taking the width of 12cm and dividing it by 0.6~0.7, it can be determined that the length is in the range of 17~20 (the weight of the product is not considered). The bags in this range have certain aesthetics and the packaging is better. It is also conducive to product sales. After confirming the size, it is best to find the food bag manufacturer to proof the product and see the actual effect! Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags

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