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What is the structure of the aluminum plastic composite bag?

Composed of aluminum plastic, structure: 2-4 layers of paper plastic aluminum dry composite structure. The main characteristics of this composite material are: excellent sealing, moisture resistance, gas resistance, light shielding, high stiffness, and good molding. It is mainly used for bag packaging of dry suspended, powdery and granular articles that block gas, keep dry, retain fragrance and keep flavor, and extend the shelf life of food and drugs. The main characteristics of the composite material are: excellent barrier, sealing, light shielding, good strength, and easy for automatic production of aseptic filling. It is mainly used for fruit juice and milk safety box, especially for the packaging of frozen food. In addition, the paper aluminum plastic composite material and cardboard are wound into a tin body, and the plastic cover is made into a portable, economical, and easy to open composite tin, which is suitable for packaging potato chips, peanuts, nuts and other leisure snacks. If the upper and lower ends are rolled with tinplate or aluminum easy open cover, the performance is comparable to that of iron cans, and the price is 10% – 30% lower than that of iron cans.

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