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What kind of garbage are plastic packaging bags? Why limit the use of plastic bags?

Since the release of the plastic restriction order, the use of many plastic bags has been reduced. But some people will question, what kind of garbage is plastic packaging bags, and why should we limit its use? This article will answer these questions for you. Many people know that plastic bags are harmful to the environment. We learned from various news that the discharge of plastic bags has caused great pollution to our environment. The country issued a plastic restriction order to limit the production of ultra-thin plastic shopping bags. , sales, use, reduce “white pollution”. These kinds of plastic bags are of various colors and the thickness is less than 0.025mm. They are non-degradable and non-recyclable plastic bags. But what kind of garbage are plastic packaging bags? Can all plastic bags be classified as hazardous waste? In fact, most of the plastic bags on the market are recyclable garbage. They have high recycling value and can be decomposed and reused, which is very environmentally friendly. However, it should be noted that recyclable plastic bags generally refer to thicker plastic bags, such as shopping bags, continuous fresh-keeping bags, etc. recommended by supermarkets. Degradable tote bags and the thin thin plastic bags we used to use are dry garbage in the non-recyclable garbage. There is also a special case where the recyclable plastic bag has been contaminated, and it needs to be classified as non-recyclable dry garbage. When we throw garbage bags, we need to classify the garbage in the garbage bags first, and then dispose of the plastic bags. Especially when our garbage bags contain wet garbage such as kitchen waste, we should first put the kitchen waste into the wet trash can, and then put the plastic bag into the dry trash can. Plastic packaging bags are consumables in our daily life, and are used in a particularly large amount around the world every year. When we understand what kind of waste plastic packaging bags belong to, we will pay more attention to using environmentally friendly and recyclable thick plastic packaging bags, such as the degradable tote bags produced by our YLTpacking. And if some used plastic bags are still relatively clean, we should pay attention to storing them for recycling, which not only saves resources, but also contributes to our common home.

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