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What kind of ink is better for biodegradable bags?

As an indispensable necessity in people’s daily life, PLA stic bags have brought great convenience. But the unrestrained usepe PLA stic bags are discarded at will, which has also caused serious harm to our environment.Now after the emergence of biodegradable bags, it has re PLA ced a large part of pe PLA stic bags reduce a lot of pressure on our environment.At present, the market is flooded with all kinds of biodegradable bags, some of which are in ordinary peSome degradable ingredients are added to pretend to be biodegradable bags. Although some are formal biodegradable bags, they still cause harm to the environment because of the use of oily inks during processing.Oil-based ink, also known as solvent-based ink, is not easily soluble in water, but soluble in organic solvents. Oil-based inks are diluted with organic solvents, and organic solvents contain a large amount of benzene-like harmful substances, which are highly volatile during the production process, causing large-scale pollution to the environment, and causing greater harm to human health.The water-based ink uses water as a diluent, is soluble in water, does not require any organic solvents, does not cause harm to human health during the printing process, and does not cause pollution to the environment. The environmental performance is relatively high, and it is an environmentally friendly ink. .Therefore, the biodegradable bag using water-based ink is truly pollution-free to the environment.It is self-evident what kind of ink is better for biodegradable bags.

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