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What material is better to make vacuum packaging bags?

What material is better to make vacuum packaging bags?

  1. What is vacuum packaging bags?

Vacuum packing bags, put the product and into airtight containers, removing air inside the container, so achieve a predetermined degree of vacuum in the container after sealing a packaging method. Also known as decompression vacuum packaging, the packaging container is air sealed inside all out to maintain the bag in a high vacuum state, scarce air hypoxia equivalent effect, no microorganisms living conditions, keep the food to fresh.

vacuum packaging bags

  1. How to choose the material for vacuum packaging bags?

PET– printing effect,

PA — low oxygen permeability, 

AL– strong barrier, opacity, 

PE — inner Material and can touch the food directly 

PA/PE — It can withstand 120 ℃ high temperature cooking

Laminated material structure:

  • PET/PE
  • PA/PE

Using the vacuum bag range has been infiltrated into all sectors now. Whether in the supermarket or the market always can see all kinds of food vacuum packaging. It is wide range of uses. Mainly used for food.

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