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What material is good for rice packaging bags

Rice is rich in nutrients such as starch and protein. Since the husk and epidermis that protect the endosperm are removed during rice processing, the nutrients in rice are directly exposed to the outside environment, which affects temperature, humidity and air composition. Relatively sensitive, strong hygroscopicity, fast regeneration of nutrients, easy to mildew,Problems such as aging, especially in the high temperature and high humidity conditions in summer, the quality of rice deteriorates, and the rate of mildew is greatly accelerated, resulting in the rapid loss of nutrients in rice, and the food quality is greatly reduced.From the analysis of appearance, rice grains are generally oblong or slender, and the appearance characteristics are that some are thin, some are oval, and some are oblique, and it is easy to pierce the packaging film, because the soft packaging of rice is compared with other soft packaging. , and has its own unique requirements. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of different packaging structures and packaging specifications? 1.NY/PE(in printNY, is the ideal structure) 2.multilayerNY-PEWork extrusion (for table printing) 3.rice bagPEFacial mask/PE(printedPEeasy to stretchOr the tension in the production process is difficult to control) 4.NY/CPP(in printNY, the ideal structure)Rice is being packaged in more and more flexible packaging bags, but there are not many companies that can fully do flexible packaging. The reason is that we do not know enough about the characteristics of rice. We should optimize the structure according to the special requirements of rice. , Considering various factors such as puncture resistance, temperature resistance, load bearing resistance, and low production cost, a rice flexible packaging bag with high cost performance is designed.

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