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What material is the fully biodegradable shopping bag made of?

Fully biodegradable shopping bags are made ofPLA,PBSSuch raw materials belong to fibrous materials and can be obtained immediately according to biotechnology; after the acquisition is completed, the raw materials for fully biodegradable shopping bags can be immediately processed. At this stage, the types of raw materials used to manufacture fully biodegradable shopping bags are in continuous product development, and I will give you four detailed introductions. If there are requirements in this field, you can refer to them. 1, Tapioca starch-based biodegradable plastics. This is also a raw material that is basically processed from tapioca starch, mainly by first passing the tapioca starch through modified materials, and then combining it with other biodegradable raw materials to obtain raw materials that can immediately process fully biodegradable shopping bags. It can immediately replace the application of traditional high-pressure polyethylene packaging bags in the market, and can be used as packaging products, raw materials for plastic bags, agricultural mulch films, food packaging bags and other processing raw materials. 2,PLAraw material.PLAIt is a raw material for the production of fully biodegradable shopping bags recognized by us. It has short dissolution cycle time, strong environmental protection properties, low cost and high cost performance. It is also a fully biodegradable plastic with rapid product development and development trend at this stage. , it is mainly based on lactic acid bacteria as the basic raw material, and then the fiber material formed by the aggregation, has the characteristics of no harmful substances, no taste evaporation, strong load capacity, easy processing and excellent biocompatibility, and the finished product is fully biological After the degradable shopping bag is discarded, the dissolution cycle time in the environment is short, and there is no environmental pollution to the conditions. 3, Polybutylene succinate. This is also a kind of raw material that is rarely known to us, but it is a kind of fully biodegradable shopping bag processing raw material with good comprehensive performance recognized at this stage. The key is to obtain it by reacting with succinic acid and butanediol. Its performance, machinability and load capacity, low cost, integrated into the processing of various plastic products, soThe main use is very wide. For example, food and beverage packaging bags, beauty and skin care bags, fully biodegradable pharmacy packaging bags, biodegradable agricultural machinery plastic films and other industries.In general, with the continuous progress and development trend of high-tech, there will be a lot of fully biodegradable raw material products developed, and this field will move forward rapidly, and fully biodegradable shopping bags will be popularized in daily life as soon as possible. also greatly reduced”plastic trash”level to create a green and healthy living home.

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