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What material is the most suitable for zongzi plastic packaging bags

As the fastest growing form of packaging, plastic packaging continues to this day, and it can be said to be the most used packaging method in various industries. What I want to talk to you about today is the zongzi plastic packaging bag. What material would be better to use?Q: What kind of structure is used for the packaging of Zongzi?answer:NY/PEjust fineQ: What about zongzi bags that use aluminum foil?answer: NY/AL/PEQ: How much temperature can this mechanism withstand? why notNY/AL/cookingCPPstructure?Answer: If you use retort-resistant gradePE, use a better retort-resistant glue, which can withstand135℃, but the zongzi packaging does not need to withstand such a high temperature, and generally the zongzi packaging does not use this structure, and most of them still use a transparent structure. The inner packaging adoptsCPPwould be better.ask:PET/NY/AL/CPP, NY/AL/CPPWhich of the two structures is more reasonable?A: This depends on how much temperature your packaging needs to withstand, and also from the cost. There is pure aluminum in the composite layer, and the cost of glue will be different from that of ordinary packaging.

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