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What material is used for medical paper plastic bags (medical sterilization bags)

Medical paper-plastic bags are also called medical sterilization bags in the industry, or medical sterilization tube bags. There are many names for this new product in recent years. Let’s use medical sterilization bags here for the time being. The medical sterilization packaging bag is to prevent the items in the packaging bag from being contaminated by bacteria.Medical Sterilization BagsManufacturers of medical sterilization packaging bags are generally qualified according to customer requirements:ISO13485certification,CFR820,niceFDAcertification,1010,000-level purification workshop,5000Square meter workshop, registered capital500million.Related standards:ISO14644, ISO10993, ISO14971, ISO11135/GB18279ethylene oxide sterilization,ISO11137Irradiation Sterilization,ISO11134/GB18278/ISO17665(NEW)Moist heat sterilization.Product Category:blister paper;Dialysis paper;plastic bag;Foil bagSuitable sterilization and disinfection methods:EOEthylene oxide sterilization,steamHigh temperature and high pressure steam moist heat sterilization,gammacobalt60Irradiation Sterilization, Plasma Sterilization(non-paper).product material:one side of paper(DuPonttyvekTyvek paper/French medical dialysis paper/British medical blister paper)+One side of composite plastic film.Customer group object:Medical device manufacturers, or hospitalsproduct preserve period:Three to five years(Antibacterial )How it works and how to use it:Medical devices in bags(product)then seal, sterilize, use the packaging bag(product)Through the sterilization factor, the semi-dialysis permeability of bacteria is not penetrated, and then the professional organization Soochow University Medical Testing InstituterightEN868After the professional inspection, it shows that the packaging bag(product)Anti-aging bacteria can be achieved3to5year.

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