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What materials are generally used for food packaging bags? What are the characteristics?

Nut Food Packaging BagMaterial:The materials commonly used in food packaging bags are:PETfilm,PEfilm,PAfilm,OPPfilm andCPPfilm etc.characteristic: PETFilm: This film is super transparent, hard material, high temperature resistance, good printing effect, more suitable for food packaging bags,PETThe film feels particularly brittle to the touch, and it makes a rustling sound when you hold it in your hand. PEFilm: slightly less transparentcpp, but thancppbe soft,PEThe film has better tensile properties and better breaking force. milky whitePEand transparentPEtwo (HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE), the hand feels softer. PAFilm (Nylon):PAThe material is relatively tough, with good transparency, wear resistance and puncture resistance, easy to be oxidized, easy to shrink and wrinkle, this material is suitable for similar bone products. OPPFilm: The material is hard and cannot be stretched. The heat-sealing type is very good, but the transparency is relatively general, the material is brittle, and the hand feel is poor. CPPfilm:CPPMaterial Transparency RatioOPPworse but better thanPEWell, the material is soft and high temperature resistant, it can be used as a printing material, but it is not easy to print.

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