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What materials are included in fully biodegradable materials

With the rising energy demand and the increasingly prominent environmental pollution problems, the pace of replacing traditional petroleum products with biodegradable materials has gradually accelerated. It is estimated that government departments will also implement corresponding preferential tax policies and relevant laws and regulations to encourage industry applications. Biodegradable packaging bag manufacturers tell you that the large-scale application prospects of biodissolvable materials are very bright.Biodissolvable materials include biotechnologically made polymeric materials such as polyhydroxyoleate; biotechnologically made and subsequently aggregated materials such as polylactic acid, polybutylene succinate, polycarbohydrate ; In addition, tapioca starch-based biodegradable plastics, carbon dioxide prepolymer alicyclic polycarbonate, etc.Tapioca starch-based biodegradable plastic is a plastic product made by blending tapioca starch and other high polymers through modified materials and thermal polymerization. It can replace general plastics in industrial production, and can be used for packaging materials, shock-resistant materials, plastic films, food packaging materials, small toys, etc.Polylactic acid is a polymer material formed by the aggregation of lactic acid bacteria, which has the characteristics of high toughness, easy production and processing, and good biocompatibility. The product can be dissolved after use. Therefore, polylactic acid is a kind of biological environmental protection material that can really complete the phenomenon of green ecology and capital. It is a biodegradable plastic that is very active and has a rapid development trend in recent years.Polybutylene succinate is a biodegradable plastic with good comprehensive performance, which is formed by the polycondensation of succinic acid and butanediol.PBSWith its excellent comprehensive performance, high cost performance and wide range of applications, it can be used in packaging, kitchen utensils, cosmetic bottles and medicine bottles, agricultural machinery plastic films, fertilizers and fertilizers, retarding materials, biopolymer materials and other industries.Polyhydroxyoleate is a kind of high molecular polyester, which is produced by various pathogens under conditions. already discovered90Several germ genera have been generated150of various structuresPHA. currently commercializedPHAThe specific products include polyhydroxybutyric acid, prepolymers of hydroxybutyric acid and hydroxyvaleric acid, and prepolymers of hydroxybutyric acid and hydroxycaproic acid.

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