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What materials are used for biodegradable express packaging bags?

Under the global advocacy of protecting the environment, the material requirements of China’s express packaging bags have also been revised to guide social enterprises to implement, and biodegradable express packaging bags have also been proposed. Click to learn about the difference between biodegradable express packaging bags and ordinary PLA stic express packaging bags The newly revised and released series of national standards for “Express Packaging Supplies” supplement the relevant content of the original standards according to the requirements of reduction, greening, and recyclability Complete. The new standard reduces the quantitative requirements for express envelope paper, air cushion film express packaging bags, and PLA stic woven cloth express packaging bags. In addition, it is also required that express packaging bags should be made of biodegradable PLA stics, and the limit requirements for heavy metals and specific substances have been increased. The degradation cycle of traditional materials is more than 200 years, causing serious pollution to the environment, while biodegradable PLA stics can greatly accelerate the degradation rate and reduce the pressure on environmental protection. Biodegradable PLA stic is a new type of bio-based polymer material, which is non-toxic, non-irritating and compostable, and can be decomposed and swallowed by microorganisms. The organic carbon in the material can be completely transformed into water and carbon dioxide in a short time under the action of microorganisms. The biodegradable express packaging bag is an environmentally friendly product, which has the characteristics of safety, non-toxicity, environmental protection, and zero pollution.

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