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What packaging materials are usually used to make vacuum packaging bags?

Vacuum bags are made of polyethylene and polypropylene. Polyethylene is also commonly used in the manufacture of vacuum plastic packaging materials. It is flexible and waterproof, but has low transparency, chemical stability and non-toxicity. It is often used to make heat-sealing layer and moisture-proof layer of composite plastic packaging. It has good gas barrier, oil barrier and aroma barrier properties.Vacuum packaging is a general term for flexible packaging composite film products. There are many different divisions if different temperatures are used:some need below100degree of disinfection and sterilization, others require100Degree of disinfection and sterilization, and some need121Degree and135Degree of disinfection and sterilization. Of course, room temperature is also available. Under these room temperature conditions, a possible sterilization method is radiation sterilization. As well as considering the characteristics and weight of the packaging content to determine the reasonable use of packaging materials, there is nothing static, and the right one is the best.There are two-layer composite materials and three-layer composite materials for vacuum packaging materials, and there are more common two-layer composite materials, depending on the product.Vacuum packaging materials are divided intoPET/PE,PA/PE,PA/CPP,PETComposite materials can also be vacuumed, but they are prone to air leakage,PETrelatively brittle,PA/PEHas good vacuum performance and can withstand100Sterilized by boiling water within 100 degrees Celsius, and can be used in-30Freeze at a low temperature of around 100°F.PA/CPPis a vacuum retort bag capable of withstanding120High temperature cooking within Celsius and sub-zero30Freeze at a low temperature of about 100 degrees Celsius.

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