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What problems should be paid attention to when designing gold and silver?

The following points should be paid attention to when designing gold and silver: 1, Generally speaking, gold and silver ink are mainly used on solid parts or color blocks, and for very small inscriptions, yang inscriptions and level transitions should not be designed in gold or silver. 2When printing gold and silver ink on paper, the base ink is usually laid first. For example, when printing silver ink, a layer of light white ink is first laid, and then silver ink is printed. This can not only improve the gloss of the silver ink layer, but also strengthen the adhesion of the silver ink on the paper. 3, If the substrate material is aluminum foil or vacuum aluminized paper, printing transparent yellow on it can achieve a golden effect; in the plastic film composite printing process, inOPPAfter printing transparent yellow on the plastic film, compound aluminum foil or aluminized film, the ink layer of the printed matter can also achieve a golden effect, which can save expensive metal ink and achieve the desired effect at the same time. 4, In the process of plate making design, after gold and silver ink, the arrangement of color sequence should also be considered, so that it can ensure the color of metal. 5, If it is a surface-printed product, after printing silver ink, it should also be consideredUVGlazing or water-based glazing, or laminating the printed matter, prevent the gold ink from oxidatively discoloring or falling off.

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