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What problems should be paid attention to when designing small text in flexible packaging?

The following four issues should be paid attention to when designing small text in flexible packaging: 1, General electroengraving plate making process4ptWhen the following small text cannot achieve a clear effect, it should be redesigned in4ptThe above is to prevent the positive characters from becoming thicker and the negative characters from becoming thinner or dead when printing. The width of the independent thin lines should not be too thin, and generally should be greater than0.2mm. If laser engraved, it can be made2ptThe clear small characters on the left and right can be used for some special anti-counterfeiting marks and other products. 2, Some of the plate rollers produced by the job are large in size and have small white characters on the color. You need to communicate with the customer to explain that the depth of the intaglio electric engraving and the small white characters designed are definitely not smooth, and it does not look clear enough. On the contrary, when the small mosquitoes are clear, it is often impossible to guarantee sufficient depth of the field. 3, The overprinting accuracy of gravure printing can only reach0.2mm, so the stroke is less than0.4mmThe text and graphics (especially text) cannot be printed with multi-color overlay, and can only be printed with a single ink, otherwise it is easy to cause ghosting. 4When hollowing out small text and patterns, it is advisable to use single-color hollowing out. It is not suitable to use multi-color overlay hollowing out printing, and it is not allowed to directly hollow out printing with the background color of the photo. For small text and patterns, it is not suitable to use text pattern hollowing out and overprinting text patterns.

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