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What restricts the development of plastic packaging bags? – Packaging bag printing

Today, let’s talk about the disadvantages of plastic packaging bags and the many obstacles faced by plastic packaging bags. 1. As the outer packaging of the product, the plastic packaging bag is the most important material for the plastic packaging bag, but the plastic material is struggling in the development. Because the plastic is not green enough, the market share of the plastic packaging bag products gradually decreases. [Packaging bag printing] 2. The diversity of products makes the packaging have a certain specificity. For example, liquids are mostly canned and bottled, and even some liquid products use paper packaging. These products have a characteristic, the curability of the outer packaging, so that the plastic packaging bag cannot meet the needs of its outer packaging. 3. Glass material packaging is mostly used in the form of wine outer packaging. In some product areas where glass material cannot be used, some plastic packaging is also competent and saves less cost. 4. Although the plastic packaging industry has been expanding its market share, it still needs to face various bans while expanding its development, but in some specific plastic packaging fields, bans still exist. For example, some foreign regions announced the ban on the use of plastic water bottles and other reports. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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