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What role can fruits be packed in plastic packaging film bags?

China is a big fruit producing country in the world, and its fruit area and total output are far ahead. Fruit plastic packaging bag technology is an effective and important measure to increase farmers’ income. In recent years, more and more plastic packaging bags are used for fruits. The number of plastic packaging bags used in many fruit fields has grown exponentially with an unprecedented momentum.So, what are the functions of plastic packaging film bags for fruits?The first advantage: It can avoid strong direct sunlight and increase the time to protect the fruit.The second advantage: it can prevent birds from pecking and pests from biting, and it can play a protective role after being covered with plastic packaging film bags.The third advantage: it is protected by a plastic packaging film bag, and the appearance of the item is relatively good, so it can be sold at a good price.Many fruits use different plastic wrap bags. For example, pomegranates and jujubes can be packaged in plastic bags with good air permeability and transparency. Bananas are wrapped in blue plastic film bags.

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