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What should be paid attention to when using plastic packaging film bags for fruits?

Although there are many advantages to packaging fruits in plastic packaging film bags, the points to be paid attention to are also particularly important. Below, Shenzhen yltpacking will tell you the points that should be paid attention to. First: Choose high-quality plastic packaging film bags. If the film plastic bag is of poor quality, it cannot withstand the wind and rain, aging and damage, which will cause the fruit to crack, sunburn, uneven color or rough surface of the fruit. Second: Plastic packaging film bags for fruits should be carried out when the weather is good. Third: When using plastic packaging film bags for fruits, it is necessary to kill insects on the fruits first. Before that, the fruit will be sprayed with bactericidal and pesticides allowed by green food or non-polluted food. After the liquid medicine dries, pack it into a plastic packaging film bag. Generally speaking, the fruit sprayed on the same day should be placed on the same day. Fourth: Strictly select fruits before putting them into plastic packaging bags. If the fruit is covered by a plastic film bag, you will find that the appearance of the fruit is not ideal, and the plastic film bag is wasted. Fifth: The plastic film bag requires the leak hole at the bottom to face down to prevent rainwater from leaking into the bag, causing bad fruit to rot or causing mold in the bag.

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