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What should I do if the nut packaging bag has peculiar smell during the production process?

Usually odorous nut packaging bags are mainly caused by the volatility and solubility of the organic solvents that bond the layers of films together, while PET, PA, PE, PP, cured polyurethane adhesives , The ink that has been dried and formed into a film is not volatile. The following is an analysis of the odor problem; compound packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags 1. Various additives and low molecular substances of the resin itself; 2. The peculiar smell produced in the production and processing of the film; 3. The peculiar smell in the production and processing of flexible packaging; 4. Odors generated during storage. The steps to eliminate the residual solvent problem are as follows: 1. Standard residual solvent test method, cut a small piece of composite material, cut into pieces, preheat, extract the gas, and inject it into a gas chromatograph for residual solvent detection; 2. Cut part of the composite material The film is made into a bag, filled with air, sealed well, heated in an electric oven for a period of time, and a certain amount of air is extracted from the bag with the injection needle of the gas chromatograph, and injected into the gas chromatograph to detect the residual solvent. The influence of the compound process of nut packaging bags: 1. Select the two-component glue that is compatible with the ink, and the solvent also needs to meet the requirements of peculiar smell, so that there is no irritating smell after the finished product. 2. The amount of glue used must be strictly controlled. If the amount of glue used is too much or the glue layer is too thick, the solvent will not easily volatilize, resulting in excessive residual solvent. 3. The speed of the dry laminating machine should match the viscosity of the adhesive, so that the adhesive can be fully dissolved in the solvent, and the cleanliness of the adhesive must be guaranteed without impurities, otherwise the coating will be uneven, Affects the volatility of the solvent, resulting in inconsistent solvent volatilization on each page. 4. Set the temperature and speed of each section of the oven of the dry compound machine, and set the temperature of each section, generally around 70 ° C ~ 90 ° C. At the same time, pay attention to adjusting the exhaust air volume of each section of the oven, and set accurate exhaust air It has completely and effectively eliminated the odor in the film. 5. The nut packaging bag should be matured after compounding, and the curing time and temperature should be well controlled. The curing time is generally 24-28 hours, and the temperature is around 45 °C. If the curing time is not enough or not completely, it will not only produce peculiar smell, but also seriously affect Peel strength of composite films. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the air intake and exhaust of the curing room are smooth, and the odorous air is discharged in time.

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