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What should I do if the self-supporting packaging bag leaks?

Self-supporting packaging bags are still favored by many food manufacturers in the market. Whether they are making dried fruits, nuts or other puffed food, they will choose self-supporting packaging bags, mainly because the values of self-supporting packaging bags are relatively balanced, and the shelf display effect is very obvious . The use requirements are not as strict as high-temperature cooking bags and vacuum packaging bags, and only need to have certain air tightness and moisture resistance. However, in the process of use, it will inevitably happen that the bag is not tightly sealed and air leakage will occur, resulting in poor product quality and affecting user experience. Food bags, food packaging bags 1. Sealing problems There are three factors that affect the sealing problems of packaging bags: sealing knife pressure, temperature, and time. When the packaging bag leaves the factory, an opening is reserved to facilitate the filling and sealing of the product. Under the condition that the pressure of the sealing knife remains unchanged, the temperature is too low or too high, which will cause the sealing of the packaging bag to be weak and cause air leakage. Under the same moderate temperature, the length of heat sealing time will also affect the firmness of the sealing. Under normal circumstances, the value recommended by the manufacturer of the hot air blower can be used, unless the bag is too thin or thick, which requires adjusting the parameters of the heat sealer. 2. Problems of prefabricated bag manufacturers There are two problems for prefabricated bag manufacturers: composite strength and zipper handling. The composite strength of the packaging bag is relatively low, which can easily cause the bag to delaminate, thereby affecting the air tightness of the entire packaging bag. In addition, the part with the zipper on the packaging bag will be much thicker than the heat sealing of other parts. If the pressure of the sealing knife is not enough, the sealing edge is not sealed tightly, and the bag is easy to leak. If it is the second problem, it is necessary to contact the packaging bag manufacturer to negotiate and deal with it. In the early stage, in order to avoid the problems of the packaging bag product itself, it is recommended to find a more experienced packaging bag manufacturer. For other questions about self-supporting bags, you can contact our customer service.

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