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What should I do if there is mold in the pastry packaging bag?

Quality issues:Some pastry foods (such as cakes, fried snacks, etc.) appear moldy and deteriorate during the shelf lifeCause Analysis:①Packaging bag materialPoor barrier properties——The permeation rate of gas outside the packaging bag into the inside is high, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, air,Water vapor, etc., especially in a high temperature and high humidity environment, the gas permeation rate of the packaging bag will be higher, causing the growth and reproduction of residual microorganisms.②Processing of packaging bagspoor sealing——The packaging bag body or the heat sealing part is prone to air leakage under certain pressure or long-term storage, especially the sealing quality of the heat sealing part is poor. More prone to leaks.Excessive microbial content——That is, the base of microorganisms carried by the cake itself is relatively large. When the environmental conditions are suitable (such as temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration), these microorganisms will grow and multiply in large quantities.Expert advice: ——Pay attention to the detection of the main properties such as heat sealing strength, oxygen permeability, air permeability, and sealing performance (negative pressure method) of packaging bags. ——Adjust the parameters of the heat sealer to improve the sealing quality of the heat seal; choose to add high-barrier materials to the packaging bag or improve the quality of the existing packaging bag. ——Through measures such as controlling the number of microorganisms in the raw materials of the pastry, the microbial base of the pastry itself can be reduced as much as possible, for example, limited sterilization can be adopted.Typical quality case ——Test sample: Baumkuchen plastic composite packaging bag (customers reported that there was mildew on the surface of the cake during the sales process) ——Targeted testing items: oxygen permeability, sealing performance (negative pressure method), ——Test results: In the sealing performance test, the finished packaging bag was-75kpaWhen the heat seal leaks, the leakage at this pressure value belongs to the normal leakage pressure of the well-sealed packaging bag; and the oxygen transmission rate of the composite packaging bag is963.1749CM³/(m²·24h·0.1Mpa), far exceeding the average of similar quality products on the market. Therefore, the poor oxygen resistance of the packaging bag is the main reason for the qualitative change of the cake.

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