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What type of biodegradable packaging bags are

The dissolution of plastic refers to the termination of the life cycle of the fiber material and the reduction of the polymer composition. Generally, it is mainly manifested in the ductility, cracking, loosening, delay of yin and yang, and lack of tensile strength of construction machinery and equipment. The dissolution of packaging bags It takes decades or even years. Landfilling or centralized incineration of non-biodegradable packaging bags will cause air pollution. In order to protect the ecological environment and protect the environment, we have created degradable plastic bags. Degradable plastic bag is a kind of packaging bag that is added with a certain amount of additives in the production process to reduce its stability and is easy to dissolve in the terrain.The products I have seen in the past have developed a packaging bag for consumptionWhat kinds of biodegradable bags 1, Photodegradable plastic bags Add initiators to plastics to gradually dissolve plastics under the sun. It should belong to an earlier generation of biodegradable plastics, and its defect is that the dissolution cannot be controlled all the time due to unpredictable sunshine and climate anomalies. 2Under the effect of microorganisms, microbial degradable plastic bags can be dissolved into plastics with low molecular formula compounds. Its advantages are convenient storage and transportation, as long as it is boring and boring, no shading, and wide application fields. It can be used not only for agricultural machinery plastic films and packaging bags, but also for biopharmaceutical industry production. Following the development trend of contemporary bioengineering, biodegradable plastics are becoming more and more critical, and have already become popular in the new generation of Internet scientific research, development design and overall planning. 3,Light/Microbial strain degradable plastic bag is a kind of plastic that closely links chemical degradation with microorganisms. Besides, it also has light/Characteristics of microbial degradation of plastics. 4, Degradable plastic bags are added with water-absorbing compounds in plastics, which can be dissolved in water after application. The key is to use daily necessities for diagnosis and treatment, which is conducive to destruction and disinfection.How to identify biodegradable packaging bags 1the identification of biodegradable waste. Degradable plastic bags have consistent Chinese environmental labels, which are product quality labels consisting of green mountains and green water, green mountains and green water, the sun, and ten rings. 2. Storage all the time: the storage life of degradable plastic bags is only about three months. Even if not used, it will dissolve within five months. By the sixth month, the bag will be”little snowflake”Masking, can not be applied. According to the compost specification, even the newly manufactured degradable plastic bags can only be used in3dissolve within a month.

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