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What types of food packaging bags are there?

Food packaging bags In an article “Summary of Bag Types of Food Packaging Bags”, the bag types of food packaging bags are summarized for you. Then what types of food packaging bags are classified by materials? This is the article we will analyze. the key of. Common food packaging bags include: ordinary food packaging bags, food aluminum foil bags, food vacuum packaging bags and so on. Of course, when it comes to the types of food packaging bags, we have to understand the material composition of food packaging bags. Food packaging bags are generally mainly made of two types of plastic films. One is made of raw materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and dense ammonia. The other type is made of polyvinyl chloride, which is toxic by adding plasticizers during the production process. In addition, stabilizers are added to some plastic bag products, and these stabilizers are mainly lead stearate, and the lead salt is easily precipitated. Once inhaled into the human body, it will cause accumulated lead poisoning, thus endangering the health of consumers. So pay special attention when buying packaging bags. Usually food packaging bags are made of PE and PP materials. Compared with non-food packaging, they do not contain plastic additives. They will not release toxic substances during use. For example, the more aggressive plasticizers in the front can cause cancer. used in packaging. The previous plastic wrap was made of PVC, but because of its insecurity, it is gradually being replaced by PE plastic wrap. And if there are special requirements for its material, it will also be covered with aluminum foil or aluminized, kraft paper and other materials, which are also made according to the different requirements of customers, depending on what the customer needs.

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