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What types of packaging bags can be divided into printing forms?

According to the classification of the printing form of packaging bags, it can be divided into letterpress printing, offset printing, gravure printing and orifice printing. Let us discuss these four forms of printing in, 1.Letterpress: Letterpress products include magazines, books, covers, logos and packaging materials. 2.Lithography: Lithography is a printing method that usesP.S.plate, gravure plate, multi-layer metal plate, albumen plate, slate and other printing plates, and use the principle of oil and water insolubility. 3.Gravure printing: Gravure printing is a direct printing method that uses manual or mechanical engraving of gravure, gravure, electronic engraving plate, etc. 4.Stencil printing: Stencil printing is also called screen printing,That is, a printing method that uses a screen as a plate.two,According to the color classification of printed matter, it can be divided into monochrome printing and multi-color printing.three,According to the classification of printed matter, it can be divided into book printing, newspaper printing, advertising printing, banknote printing, banknote printing, map printing, packaging and decoration printing and special printing.

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