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What’s the meaning of the food packaging bag “TM” or “R”

What’s the meaning of the food packaging bag “TM” or “R”

On food packaging bags with “TM” or “R” logo, what’s the meaning of these 2 trademark represents for?


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     TM is the abbreviation of the TRADE MARK, which means “tag” business, generally referred to as the “brand”. At home, name of commodity superscript capital “TM” means it need to accept the registration of trademarks and did not obtain a trademark license.

     Commodities, the trademark superscript “R” means the trademark has been registered, and obtain a trademark license. For example, specializing in the production of food packaging bag, kraft paper food bag and aluminum foil bag, which the trademark right corner marked “R”, it express that the company has registered the trademark certificate and have the rights of complete intellectual property.

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