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When buying fresh vegetables, fruits and meat, try to choose outer food packaging

Choose regular markets and supermarkets to buy food; when going out to buy, wear a mask for personal protection, and bring sterilized paper towels and shopping bags; before using supermarket carts and shopping baskets, use sterilized paper towels or disinfectant to disinfect handles and handrails. When shopping in food packaging bags and vacuum packaging bags, keep a social distance of at least 1 meter. When purchasing fresh food such as vegetables, fruits, and meat, try to choose external food packaging, and do not directly touch the food; raw and cold food such as meat and seafood should be packaged separately from fruits, vegetables, and cooked food. When buying packaged food, please pay attention to the production date, shelf life, storage conditions, etc. on the food label. After purchasing tea packaging bags and composite packaging bags, you must wash your hands after returning home to avoid polluting the home environment. Aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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