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Where do used plastic bags end up?

I believe that many people don’t know where the plastic bags that are convenient for us in our lives end up. Next, Shenzhen yltpacking will tell you about the whereabouts of the packaging bags. 1. After the plastic packaging bags are used up, they are used to hold garbage, and then the garbage is packed to the garbage disposal site, and then incinerated. No harm to the environment. 2. The used packaging bags are recycled and sent back to the processing company to be made into raw materials for production. This process is also environmentally friendly. What’s more is that it is randomly thrown away by users. One is to throw it into the city, causing environmental pollution. The second is to throw it into the wild, and the animals mistakenly think that the food has been eaten, and the inability to digest it threatens life. A good living environment requires us to co-create and take good care of it. The environment is closely related to us.

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