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Where to buy small tea bags

Whether to use small packaging depends mainly on the shape of the tea leaves. For example, Longjing tea / Que tongue / Taiping Houkui are compact in shape and are more suitable for small packaging. If the tea itself is fluffy and curled, it is easy to break in small packaging. , so the small package does not do much. Where can I buy small tea bags? YLTpacking provides wholesale and customized tea bags from manufacturers, complete qualifications, free design, good quality and fast delivery. If you are not satisfied, you can return and exchange without responsibility. Welcome to visit. When you go out, the small package is more convenient to carry with you. The existing small tea packaging bags are sealed at both ends to prevent the tea from returning to moisture. The disadvantages are that the packaging takes up a lot of space, and the transportation cost is also high, and it is easy to be squeezed during the packaging and transportation process, and the tea leaves are easily broken.

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