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Where will the plastic flexible packaging bag “go”

Packaging has been closely related to people’s lives since the development of human civilization, whether it is hard packaging or flexible packaging. A long time ago, when people did not master the technology of extracting plastics from petroleum as packaging bags, most of them used metal, porcelain, and plants as packaging containers, such as bronze ware, aluminum, ceramics, switch branches, bamboo, gourd, lotus leaves, and banana leaves. Wait. Until October 1902, the Austrian scientist Max Schuchni invented the plastic bag, which is both light and strong, and solved the inportability of hard packaging, making people feel more relaxed when they go out shopping, and do not need to carry anything. things, because there are free plastic flexible packaging bags prepared in stores and vegetable markets. At that time, it was tantamount to a technological revolution. Because of the advantages of portability, plastics were subsequently made into various packaging (including hard packaging). Composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, and plastic packaging bags have developed to today, and the application of flexible packaging bags has become more and more mature, including rich printing content, the use of multi-layer plastic composite technology to improve the performance of flexible packaging bags, and the use of vacuum on composite flexible packaging. Technology…. Environmental pollution The purpose of the rise of emerging technologies is to solve the problems existing in traditional technologies. Also in the process of iteration of new and old technologies, the results are not developing in a good direction. The problem of environmental pollution caused by plastic flexible packaging bags cannot be ignored. Because the chemical and physical properties of plastic products are relatively stable and the molecular structure is tight, plastic flexible packaging products are not easily degraded or decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. Today’s plastic flexible packaging bags are widely used in all walks of life, and the plastic waste after use is even more difficult to handle, which undoubtedly causes a huge burden on the social environment. Because of this, China has long proposed a ban on plastics to macro-control the utilization rate of plastic flexible packaging. In the future, the development of flexible packaging bags can provide great convenience to people’s lives and play an important “wedding dress” role. As small as disposable chopsticks, disposable toothbrushes, etc. can be seen everywhere, it can be said that people’s lives are inseparable from flexible packaging containers. The problem of environmental pollution seems to have found a solution, that is to use degradable plastics as the basic material of flexible packaging bags. At present, the more mature degradable plastics include PBAT, PLA, etc., which can decompose in the environment of degradable plastic bacteria and light oxidation, into small molecules such as water, carbon dioxide, and methane, but issues of availability and functionality remain to be resolved. I believe that in the near future, a better alternative will be developed!

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