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Which is better, vacuum aluminum foil bag or nylon bag

Vacuum aluminum foil bags are used in food packaging, industrial packaging and other industries, and the use of vacuum packaging products is increasing. Vacuum bags are divided into two types: aluminum foil bags and nylon bags, which are used reasonably in daily production according to different performances. The food bags are distinguished from the raw materials. The aluminum foil layer is added to the composite layer, and the separation performance is greatly improved. The aluminum foil material has good light-proof performance and high temperature resistance. It is used as a high-temperature cooking bag; The composite process is produced, and some have transparent demand for packaging, choose this type of vacuum bag. Food packaging bags and tea packaging bags are distinguished in cost. For the same size packaging, the cost of vacuum aluminum foil bags is generally more expensive than that of vacuum nylon bags. The price difference is mainly caused by the unit price of raw materials; at the same time, when choosing vacuum packaging, it is not necessarily the direction that is suitable for the product. Expensive vacuum bags are suitable. Composite packaging bag, plastic packaging bag

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