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Which is the best food packaging bag customization

Which food packaging bag customization is better? Shenzhen Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong-funded packaging bag enterprise established in 1995. We adopt Hong Kong’s advanced management concepts (integrity, quality, efficiency). For 3 consecutive years, it has won the title of Guangdong Province’s contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprise; it is one of the earliest packaging bag companies in China that has obtained QS production license and entry-exit record certificate; it is also the first Chinese company to introduce flat-bottomed packaging bags with eight sides; we cooperate with Merchants from more than 60 provinces and cities across the country, such as Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, etc., have established long-term trustworthy cooperative relations! The company has more than 50 sets of large-scale automatic 12-color high-speed printing machines, dry laminating machines, solvent-free laminating machines, bag making machines and other packaging equipment. It is one of the large-scale packaging bag enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, with a monthly production capacity of more than 500 tons. We produce plastic composite packaging bags, kraft paper packaging bags, vacuum bags, aluminum foil bags, zipper bags, suction nozzle bags, food packaging bags, eight-side sealing flat bottom zipper bags, adhesive-backed bags, card head bags, four-side sealing bags, three-side sealing bags Color-printed flexible packaging such as sealed bags, middle-sealed bags, organ bags, and portable plastic bags are widely used in the packaging and protection of food, medicine, cosmetics, daily necessities, chemicals, toys, electronic appliances and industrial products. Service standards for food bags and food packaging bags: 1. Be a flexible packaging guidance expert for customers, and provide customers with free design plans and proofing; 2. Concentrate on each bag, and do not leave the factory if it is defective; 3. Be a good service home, free of charge The goods are delivered to the customer’s county and city; Quality standards: 1. One-time inspection pass rate ≥99%; 2. Monthly delivery on-time rate ≥98%; 3. Annual customer return rate ≥80%; 4. Annual customer satisfaction ≥98%. Customization process: Determine material, size, thickness—> provide design source file—> adjust file—> confirm file—> plate making—> color matching—> production—> inspection—> delivery. ——For details, please refer to another information “Introduction to Packaging Bag Customization” Application in various industries: (1) Food: 1. Leisure snacks: instant noodles, beef jerky, small fish, dried tofu, potato chips, biscuits, nuts, Dried fruit… 2. Agricultural products: rice, tea, flour, red dates, wolfberry, mushrooms, fungus, honey, seeds, vegetables, fruits, specialty products… rice packaging bags 3. Condiments: chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, pepper, spices, hot pot base Ingredients…Hot pot base material packaging bags 4. Frozen categories: pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, goose, fish, shrimps, steamed buns, dumplings… 5. High temperature cooking categories: pickles, mustard greens, small fish, dumplings, chestnuts … (2) Cosmetics: facial masks, hand creams, sunscreens…Mask packaging bags (3) Daily necessities: paper towels, wet wipes, dishcloths, shampoo, washing powder, laundry detergent… (4) Pet food: cat food, Dog food, bird food, turtle food…, pet food packaging bags (5) Industrial products: gloves, masks, auto parts, bearings, meters… (6) Chemicals: fertilizers, detergents, pesticides… (7) Electronic products: Mobile phone case, data cable, headphone cable, components, socket… (8) Medicine: aluminum foil, composite film, aluminum foil blister, traditional Chinese medicine tablet, capsule, pill, powder… Related Information Company Impression

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