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Which material should be used for tea packaging bags?

As one of the three major beverages in the world, tea is especially popular in China. However, as a flexible packaging product for tea packaging, tea packaging bags are very important in protecting all aspects of tea. So, which material should be used for tea packaging bags?Tea is usually packaged in plastic bags, film bags and paper bags. 1.Plastic packaging bags are usually made of polyethylene, polypropylene, and other plastics, but they are often used as the outer bag of tea packaging bags due to poor sealing. 2.Film bag packaging has the advantages of good air tightness, not easy to be damaged, affordable, moisture-proof, prevents the occurrence of odor, keeps fragrance, etc., and is widely used in tea packaging. Film bags are usually wrapped in aluminum foil or vacuum aluminized for shading, so the best effect can be achieved. 3.Paper bag packaging is a packaging bag made of thin filter paper. The advantages of paper teabags are fast, hygienic, and easy to carry when brewing. The biggest advantage is that the leaching rate is very high when making tea, and the taste of the tea will be reflected accordingly.

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