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Why are some shampoo bags more difficult to tear apart?

When we usually travel on business, for convenience, we will carry some disposable items, such as disposable shower gel and shampoo. When we want to use these products, we find that no matter which opening is used, the packaging bag is not easy to tear, even It is difficult to tear the bag with teeth, which seriously affects the user experience. So what is the reason that the packaging bag is not easy to tear? The following will analyze some of these problems for you: composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags Difficult to tear apart. And these bags are often made into small packaging bags, which means that when we tear the bags, the force point is very small, about the size of two fingers, even if the easy tear opening is hit, it takes a lot of force to Tear it apart. The solution is to change the material collocation of the packaging bag and use easy-to-tear film as the base material of the packaging bag. Although the cost budget is increased, the user experience is king! 2. Quality problems Generally, in addition to food packaging, product packaging such as daily necessities and cosmetics are packaged in the form of composite bags materials. The material combination of composite packaging bags is divided into: heat sealing layer + middle layer + outer layer , If the quality is not well controlled during the compounding process, the film of the packaging bag will be separated during use, resulting in the packaging bag not being able to be torn apart. Therefore, when doing packaging custom printing, it is not only necessary to consider the selection of the inner film, but also to consider the quality inspection of the composite packaging bag. 3. The problem of water and oil When we want to use shampoo or body wash, tear open the packaging bag while our hands are still dry, because the human body will secrete sweat and oil, and it will inevitably be stained with oil and water when bathing , Reduce the friction between fingers and shampoo packaging, it will be very slippery when tearing.

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