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Why are the PLA stic bags in the supermarket re PLA ced with biodegradable PLA stic bags?

Once upon a time, when people checked out in the supermarket, the cashier would give you a free PLA stic bag, and everyone was accustomed to it. Later, the national PLA stic restriction order came out, and people also knew the harm that ordinary PLA stic bags brought to our environment, but at that time there were no bags like biodegradable PLA stic bags that could re PLA ce ordinary PLA stic bags, and supermarkets would let consumers Those who spend money to purchase PLA stic bags to curb the mass use of PLA stic bags.But in the end it’s a palliative, not a cure, and the use of regular PLA stic bags hasn’t declined.With the maturity of the development of biodegradable PLA stics, the physical properties of degradable PLA stic bags can already re PLA ce ordinary PLA stic bags, and the spring of degradable PLA stic bags has arrived. As supermarkets that use a lot of PLA stic bags, especially large supermarkets and hypermarkets, based on social responsibility and corporate responsibility, coupled with a significant reduction in the cost of degradable PLA stic raw materials, they are the first to use degradable PLA stic bags.When you go to the supermarket to buy things, you can check whether the PLA stic bags you get are biodegradable PLA stic bags!The raw material of degradable PLA stic bags comes from polylactic acid extracted from PLA nts ( PLA ) and other organic matter, through PLA andPBATIt is mixed and produced through a series of production processes.Under industrial composting conditions,180It can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide. It solves the white pollution caused by ordinary PLA stic bags very well, and will surely re PLA ce ordinary PLA stic bags in the whole society.

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