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Why do aluminum foil bags often use a four-layer structure?

Aluminum foil packaging bagSometimes the aluminum foil packaging bag does not have only one layer of aluminum foil. Generally, it is a packaging bag composed of a variety of materials, with different sizes and thicknesses, depending on the product to be packaged.Generally, the outermost layer of the aluminum foil bag is made of nylon material. This material is easier to hang ink, the ink adhesion is relatively strong, the color is bright and not easy to fall off, and the service life is long, so nylon is generally used. The second layer is aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is a metal material, which can effectively block the impact of light on products, especially infrared rays, etc. The innermost layer is generally resistant to high temperature and cooking.NYfilm, which isPEThe film is similar, but the temperature resistance is relatively high, it will not change at will, and it has very good oil resistance, and at the same time it can block combustion, because it is relatively close to grease.Under the protection of other materials, aluminum foil can maximize its shelf life.

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