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Why do food, pharmaceutical and other packaging need high barrier materials?

There are many reasons that cause food, medicine and other substances to spoil and affect the storage period of food, medicine and other items, but from the perspective of packaging, the main reasons are: 1The growth and reproduction of bacteria are the first major cause of food spoilage, and the presence or absence of oxygen and its concentration are necessary conditions for the survival and reproduction of bacteria (except for anaerobic conditions). 2, Oxidative deterioration of ingredients such as oils and fats in food”what”, is another major cause of food spoilage. 3. The volatilization of the original flavor of the food is lost, and the external odor enters the food to make the food taste bad. It is also a common cause of food spoilage. 4, The volatilization of water vapor in some foods will cause the food to lose its original flavor. Some foods need to be stored in a dry state. If the moisture from the outside enters the food, it will help the reproduction of bacteria and accelerate the deterioration of the food or the food will lose its original flavor due to moisture. 5Some products also need to block ultraviolet rays. For example, the oil will produce acid under the light, which will lead to the deterioration of the product and the loss of the flavor. Fields of sunlight can discolor prints and merchandise. In addition, sunlight also promotes oil oxidation. Alkaloids, Vitamins in MedicinesB, vitaminsCetc., also due to the action of light, it quickly reacts with oxygen, and various changes such as discoloration and content reduction occur.

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