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Why do fully biodegradable plastic bags catch fire?

Degradable plastic bags are currently a product that has been brought into the public eye after the plastic restriction order in our country. Compared with the original general packaging bags, what are the advantages of degradable plastic bags? The characteristics of fully biodegradable plastic bags make everyone take a look. 1.Alleviate land resourcesIn the history of human development, there are too many packaging bags, convenient, fast and complete functions, which has led to people’s daily life without packaging bags. The cost saving of plastic bags has caused everyone to forget that the original intention of the packaging bag was not a one-time product, and it is often thrown away after one use. However, many people do not understand that the important raw material for the production and processing of packaging bags is high-pressure polyethylene, which is very difficult to melt. Many waste packaging bags are buried underground, which will lead to large-scale soil resources being buried for a long time. Sexual possession, that’s what”White pollution”. When the packaging bags used by everyone were replaced by fully biodegradable plastic bags, this problem was solved. Compared with the original high-pressure polyethylene packaging bag, it is very difficult to melt, and the degradable plastic bag can be melted in a period of several months, which greatly reduces the consumption of land resources. 2.control air pollutionCompared with traditional packaging bags, degradable plastic bags are also very, very worthy of praise, and that is the emission of carbon dioxide. Biodegradable plastic releases less carbon dioxide during the entire process of melting than traditional plastics, because biodegradable plastic bags are not produced from high-pressure polyethylene, which releases about less than traditional plastics.2Kgof carbon dioxide. 3.reduce energy consumptionPackaging bags consume non-renewable energy in the production process, and degradable plastic bags reduce non-renewable energy by nearly half. For example, if all rubber and plastic products in the world are replaced with degradable plastic bags in one year, then a similar year can save money.13billion barrels of non-renewable energy, this amount of savings accounts for a portion of the world’s non-renewable energy consumption.The packaging bag may be the daily life of everyone”necessity”, but degradable plastic bags can turn it into a replaceable item. In order to make the geographical environment more pleasant, degradable plastic bags are indispensable.

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