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Why do nut packaging bags have peculiar smells?

Quality issues:Some nut production companies reported that there was a pungent odor when using rolled film bags.Cause Analysis: ——Packaging bag materialImproper control of printing process——As a result, the organic solvents (solvents such as alcohols, ketones, lipids, benzene, etc.) that dissolve the printing ink on the packaging material are not fully volatilized. Under the action of the nut oil, the residual solvent is more likely to migrate into the inside of the nut.Improper control of composite process——As a result, when the used packaging bag composite film is composited with an adhesive, the organic solvent for dissolving the adhesive does not volatilize.Poor quality of raw materials——The resin raw materials used for the production of packaging materials themselves or the odorous small molecular substances added to them contain a lot.Poor quality adhesive——The adhesive used in the compounding process produces harmful substances such as toluenediamine at high temperature.Expert advice: ——Pay attention to the detection of hygienic performance indicators such as solvent residue, evaporation residue, toluenediamine content, and potassium permanganate consumption in packaging bags. ——Select appropriate inks (such as solvent-free inks) and adhesives, and adjust the process parameters of volatilization and drying during printing and compounding

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