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Why do tea bags need aluminum foil or aluminized packaging?

In tea vacuum packaging bags, the main materials are aluminum plating and aluminum foil materials, so why do tea packaging bags use aluminum plating or aluminum foil? The first is the properties of tea. It has strong hygroscopic and odor-absorbing properties, and it can easily absorb moisture and odors in the air. If the storage method is slightly improper, it will lose its flavor in a short period of time, and the more fermented and fragrant precious tea leaves are. more difficult to keep. Usually, after tea is sto for a period of time, the aroma, taste and color will change, the original new tea leaves will disappear, and the old taste will gradually reveal. In addition, many consumers also like to buy loose or canned tea leaves for brewing, and these will not be brewed at one time, so they will also encounter storage problems. And aluminum foil packaging bags or aluminized tea packaging can solve this problem well. Therefore, more and more tea manufacturers have begun to make these packaging bags into independent small-package tea packaging bags, brewing one bag at a time, analyzing the timing of tea contact with air after opening, and delaying the onset of moral deterioration. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag


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