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Why do the prices of bags of the same specification vary so much?

The most important thing in the production of plastic bags is the plastic raw material, which is what we often call plastic particles. This is also the biggest cost in the production process of plastic packaging bag manufacturers. Many people don’t understand why the prices of products with the same specifications vary so much.In fact, the difference lies in the raw materials. Plastic raw materials come from two sources:New and recycled raw materials. The price of pure raw materials is higher than that of recycled raw materials, so products produced from new materials are higher than those produced from recycled raw materials. Distinguishing whether plastic raw materials are good or bad is one of the basic abilities of every manufacturer. The following is a brief introduction to the difference between these two raw materials.New materials, new materials come from refined petroleum, not remanufactured. It is characterized by milky white, crystal clear, without any impurities, excellent physical properties, and easy to produce. There are two ways to use new materials in China, one is through major domestic petrochemical companies, and the other is through imports. Plastic bags made of new materials are usually colorless and odorless, with good luster, good elasticity, and very soft to the touch, which are mainly hygienic and safe. New materials are often used in grocery bags, roll-ups and other food-related packaging.Renewable raw materials, renewable raw materials have a wide range of sources and are very miscellaneous. The main sources are waste from the production of plastic bags, household waste plastics, and various packaging bags. This waste is recycled, sorted, then cut and melted at high temperatures to form plastic pellets. Due to the complexity and diversity of recycled waste and its different colors, the resulting pellets are of various colors and lack luster, which is very different from pure raw material pellets. In addition, the products produced cannot ensure hygiene and safety. These products are all pigmented without any shine and feel rough. They are generally used in daily life and industry and cannot be used in food packaging. The price of plastic bags is not only determined by the plastic raw materials, but also by several other factors.

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